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Santa Margherita is a little village, in the province of Trentino, on the left bank of the Adige river, half way between the towns of Rovereto and Ala. It is in the heart of the Vallagarina valley, an area extending from Beseno Castle, above Rovereto, southwards as far as Ceraino Dam, and uniting a little community, bonded by strong historical, cultural and economic ties.
Since Roman times, because of its geographical position, this land has been a link between different worlds and cultures. Besides, it has always appeared to have a "soul", scrupulous of its own identity, while, at the same time, caressing that Eighteenth Century spirit which is open towards Latin and European cultures.
The Tomasi family has been farming grapes for a good six generations, working in the steadfast pursuit of conserving quality.
The generation, now managing the family estate, is well aware that the territory on which it works constitutes a great cultural, historical and environmental heritage.
This valley, in fact, offers a peerless landscape and enjoys a uniquely temperate microclimate, due to the beneficial effect of the "Ora del Garda" wind, a Mediterranean influence which perfectly compliments the mountain air.
La Cadalora farmhouse takes its name precisely from this wind. In fact, in old Trentino dialect, Cadalora means "House of the Warm Wind".
  Calcareous, clayey, conoid soils, formed in subsequent phases by side streams, and terraces with river sediments are the peculiar "terroirs" of the area, suitable to the achievement of great wines.
Here rural civilisation has always been able to make good wine, expression of the land, and the strong passion of those who transform its bounty into so many enchanting wines.
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